ClickBank Client Setup


To setup as a new SFC-Clickbank client a prospective client needs to supply 2 key values, and ensure their item’s SKUs and “Physical Good” flags are configured correctly.

Setting up Clickbank for Clients
Order Fulfillment
DEV and API Key

The integration requires a client’s ClickBank DEV and API key. Clients can find the DEV and API key values by logging into their ClickBank dashboard, selecting the "SETTINGS" tab, and selecting the "My Account" tab under that.

Once on the "My Account" page the client will find their DEV and API keys at the bottom of the page under the "Developer API Keys" and "Clerk API Keys" sections.

These sections both have 2 keys listed under them, one that is titled "Body Groove Click Funnels" and one that is titled "ShipZoom". The correct key is the one that is beside the "Body Groove Click Funnels".

The Key’s formats are:


SKU and Physical Good Setup

Clients need to confirm that all item numbers in ClickBank match up exactly with SFC's item SKUS, or the items in ClickBank without a matching SKU will not be imported by the integration.

Clients also need to confirm that items in ClickBank to be shipped by SFC have their "Physical Good" flag set to true. This value is part of what is used to determine if an item is imported by the SFC-Clickbank integrator or not.

Shopping Cart Integration

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Shopping Carts Integrated

Fulfillment, Shipping and Integration

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