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Properly Sized Boxes Can Save your Business Mega Money When Shipping

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Properly Sized Boxes Can Save your Business Mega Money When Shipping

Shipping is a vital component for many businesses. It also makes up a significant expense of doing business for many companies. Using the wrong size boxes can be costly. However, using properly sized boxes can mean significant savings. 

There are a number of ways that using the right boxes can mean saving your business money. For one, using properly sized boxes means paying less to post them. An overly large box means paying more for shipping. The difference may seem small, but it can add up quickly to mega money. 

Another way that choosing the right boxes can mean a cost savings is that less packaging materials need to be used. Less tape, less bubble wrap, etc. can be used when the box that is being used is more appropriately chosen for the order that is being shipped. 

Choosing a properly sized box can also save your business serious money when shipping by decreasing the likelihood of damage to goods in transit. An overly large box can mean more shifting and jostling while goods are being transported to the customer. A box that is chosen to more fittingly accommodate them decreases the likelihood of damage. In turn, that decreases the likelihood of having to replace the goods. It also means safeguarding your business' reputation. 

Safeguarding your businesses reputation is another component of how properly sized boxes can save money. In this case, it is less of a save than a make. This takes it beyond saving on the actual shipping and, instead, delivering the message to your customer that your business cares. That helps to ensure repeat customers. 

Specialty Fulfillment Center can help you with this aspect of your business, and it can save you money in a lot of other ways as well. We are accurate, economical and experienced. 


If you're interested in working with a fulfillment center who is painfully dedicated to your success as a business, please give us a call for a consultation.  Click HERE for our contact page.


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