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Companies Make The Right Call With Unboxing Videos

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Companies Make The Right Call With Unboxing Videos

Anyone who has ever watched a so-called "unboxing" video knows how special they are. The videos feature people who have purchased a particular item/ or influencers revealing their experience opening boxed products. People video tape themselves doing this and put it out on video-streaming websites like YouTube to generate excitement and encourage others purchase the item or to subscribe to a monthly box.

The fun of these videos is literally to see what kind of cool things have come in the box as well as the experience of unwrapping carefully designed packages. A number of different companies now offer monthly subscription services that give a person the chance to get a mystery box of items which feels much like a gift picked especially for them. They don't quite know what they are getting until they make that unboxing video. The excitement you see in the video is real.

Clearly, the companies that offer these products have hit a home run. They get a ton of free advertising just from the fact that people are willing to put their videos out on the Internet for all to consume at their leisure. That is not the kind of marketing that you can buy. This is true joy in a video format for thousands to see for free and if opened by an influencer with thousands of followers, it's a big deal.

If you make a mistake at any point in that process, customers are going to be upset with the results. Monthly subscription companies have clients that expect their products on time. In order to make this magic happen, it is essential that companies have excellent order fulfillment centers (like us!) working with them and at the ready to fill their order and make sure that everything goes as smoothly as it is supposed to for them. Fulfillment centers are warehouses where orders are picked, assembled, packaged and sent out to the right locations efficiently, effectively and on-time. 

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