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The Hidden Costs of Becoming an APN Partner

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The Hidden Costs of Becoming an APN Partner

Becoming an APN partner within the Amazon network is a popular marketing collaboration that is chosen by many entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the partner packages that are offered through Amazon have quite a bit of additional costs when it comes to utilizing the full extent of their services. Any registration option that is below the standard package requires partners to pay for bonus features upfront. Even the advanced packages do not offer essential services such as market development funding (MDF) and case studies written by the APN staff.

We Offer Services Minus the Add-On Costs

Having a solid MDF plan is one of the most essential parts of developing a productive go-to-marketing (GTM) strategy. A GTM strategy is the multi-level plan that your company should have in place before it sets out on the market. With APN partnerships, these services would require hidden costs to cover what they consider to be additional services. At Specialty Fulfillment Center, our services include multi-channel fulfillment and inventory management services that can be utilized as GTM tools without any accumulated add-on costs. These are just two of the several areas in which our company does not require extra costs for features that APN partners need to pay for.

APN partners also have to pay for service management, prioritized marketing strategies, and a two-week professional service program. Partnering with Specialty Fulfillment Center automatically reduces marketing costs. Our company offers several services included in your package that align with these features.

Making a name for your company in the consultation or technological industries can be near impossible to do on your own, especially when it comes to handling inventory management and distribution. The team at Specialty Fulfillment Center is dedicated to making you feel like your business is a priority, without bombarding you with a sizable amount of add-on fees. The startup costs of running your own business can be pricey on their own, and our company wants to make sure that you are given an exceptional amount of services without any hidden fees.

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