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How Our Vitamin and Supplement Fulfillment Services Can Help Your Business

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How Our Vitamin and Supplement Fulfillment Services Can Help Your Business

Starting an online vitamin and supplement business is hard work that involves many parts to make sure it’s successful. In addition to gaining and keeping customers, the logistics of product distribution and management must be addressed as well.

The vitamin and supplement supply field is a consistently growing industry—understandably so with so many people concerned more about their health these days. If you are in the vitamin and supplement business, you already know there are a lot of logistics to be concerned with—and order fulfillment is just one of them. Here at Specialty Fulfillment Center, we provide this service in order to make running your online business much smoother and, even more importantly, easier.

Shipping Benefits with Vitamins and Supplements

From a business owners’ perspective, shipping vitamin and supplements as a business model offers a lot of advantages. Supplements are easy to store, weigh less than many products, and can generally be shipped efficiently in a poly bag, keeping shipping costs and overhead down. When you streamline the process with the help of a fulfillment center, like Specialty Fulfillment Center, you can save time and ensure your products are handled with the utmost care.

Packing and Shipping

Once your product is ready to ship, we will handle packaging and shipping it. We will prepare the items in properly sealed packaging and send them to your customers. We are able to send items in the United States as well as internationally. We ship products in one business day and we utilize major courier services including UPS and FedEx.

Customer Returns and Re-Orders

Specialty Fulfillment Center can also handle customer returns and re-orders. We can help develop a plan to report items to you should a customer choose to send an item back. Our company can also arrange automatic fulfillment for customers who wish to continuously order a product.

Manage Inventory

As we ship your items to your customers, we can also keep track of your inventory and let you know if certain products need to be refilled. Given that you’re an online store, space may be limited, so we can also store your vitamins and supplement products for you so that space isn’t a concern.

Specialty Fulfillment Center recognizes the importance of engaging customers so that a business can thrive. Let us handle the product management for your vitamin and supplement company so you can focus on your customers… and your business.

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