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Storage Facility vs. Fulfillment Center – What’s the Difference?

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Storage Facility vs. Fulfillment Center – What’s the Difference?

As a business owner, you might be wondering what the differences are between a warehouse and a fulfillment center. Often they are thought to be quite similar, but in reality, there are several differences. Although fulfillment centers and warehouses both store inventory for businesses, the services are vastly different. Both of them serve a purpose to different businesses, but you need to understand the difference to decide which one suits your business needs.

More About Storage Facilities

In simple terms, a storage facility is a building in which your products are stored. As a business owner, if you decide to go with renting our purchasing a warehouse for your products it comes with a lot of extra responsibility. You will have to staff your warehouse or storage facility, handle aspects of maintenance and security, as well as create your own processes for picking and packing your goods. Although storage facilities can be useful for companies that deal with wholesale products, these extra needs tend to be associated with private warehouse ownership have a large cost and still require your supervision and leadership to get the job done. This is why many businesses, specifically smaller ones or start ups are leaning toward using the services of a fulfillment center.

More About Fulfilment Centers

Unlike a self-maintained storage facility, our fulfillment center serves many other purposes for your business. Specialty Fulfillment Center can also save you time, money and hassle as there are no extra rental costs, maintenance expenses or staffing concerns to think about. What’s even better, we are also managing the shipping of your products to the correct customers when an order is placed through your website.

Advantages of Fulfilment Centers

The goal of our fulfillment center is to get products out to consumers quickly and accurately, deal with returns and package goods carefully. Our fulfillment center focuses on serving external customers, but a warehouse does not do this. If you were a fly on the wall in a fulfillment center you would see a whole load of activity every single day. People will be working to process, package, label and ship orders to consumers who have placed an order. Similarly, they will also be keeping a real-time inventory of all the products within the center. The levels of technology within a fulfillment center are impressive as they are able to manage many tasks, products, and consumers simultaneously.

Warehouse or Fulfilment Center?

Every business is different, but no matter your size, you could benefit from the extensive services provided by our fulfillment center. Managing your inventory is vital for a successful business, as well as a valuable resource and analytical tool. Fulfillment centers such as Specialty Fulfillment Center will store your products, pack orders, and make sure your customers' orders are sent out quickly and safely.


For more information about the services contact Specialty Fulfillment Center and learn how we can help your business thrive.

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