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How Does a Fulfillment Center Work?

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How Does a Fulfillment Center Work?

Fulfilment centers play an integral role in the 2019 business world; reaching your customers efficiently on a worldwide basis can be done like never before with eCommerce stores and the help of a professional fulfillment center. If you’re a business owner with products to be delivered, you know how important it is to remain consistent and effective. By keeping your items stocked, tracked and delivered in a swift and slick fashion, order fulfillment centers take the heavy lifting out of order fulfillment so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

What is a Fulfillment Center?

A surprising amount of businesses keep their inventory at a fulfillment center, but after you understand what a fulfillment center is it is easy to understand why. Fulfillment centers allow companies to save money and time by managing all aspects of order fulfillment from storing, picking and packing your items to receiving orders and coordinating with shipping. Basically, fulfillment centers take care of everything from the time your customer makes a purchase until it reaches their door and they are a satisfied customer.

Specialty Fulfillment Center specializes in shipping logistics so you can focus on your business.

Step By Step Process of a Fulfilment Center


The fulfillment center will first integrate with your ordering software. This process used to be pretty tricky, but now with Specialty Fulfilment Center’s pre-configured APIs, your shopping carts can be linked in minutes. This includes platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Ultracart just to name a few.

2. Receiving Orders

Integration with your ordering software means that the fulfillment center will know exactly when an order has been placed in real-time. The fulfillment center will begin to process the order without waiting for large batch files from you.

3. Picking and Packing

When you send your inventory to the fulfillment center they will log the items within their database, so they can keep track of the stock. This allows them to pick and pack the items as they are ordered through your website. You simply need to keep track of your postage account balance.

4. Specialist Packing and Relabeling

While uncommon, manufacturers make mistakes or forget to label packages. We are able to fix these mistakes for our clients which helps prevent them from shipping back and forth. This can include labels, shrink wrap, etc.

5. Sending to Customer

The fulfillment center will ensure that the correct products are sent to the right customers in a timely manner. This smooth and simple service means you don’t have to worry about shipping delays or backlogs during busy seasons.

6. Handling Returns

If a customer requests a refund and returns their purchase, the fulfillment center will inspect the product and deal with the transaction. If the product is still sellable it will go back into the inventory for other consumers to buy it.

Order fulfillment centers are a huge asset to small and large companies alike. By creating a streamlined, step by step process for order fulfillment with a company like Specialty Fulfillment Center, you can increase your productivity and ultimately your profit. 

Contact Specialty Fulfillment Center for more information on our fulfillment center services.

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