E-Commerce Comparisons

Compare and Contrast Shopping Carts

Best Choice versus Right Choice

Shopify eCommerce

  • Created in 2004 full API in 2009
  • Amazon’s favored web services platform 2015
  • Reviewed as easy and simple – recent Web darling
  • Quote turn key solution
  • Social media plug in
  • Secure PCI
  • Bare bones to sophisticated
  • Good customer support
  • Theme based
  • The Shopify App store – customized plug ins for merchant needs
  • Monthly fees plus add on fees
  • Probably do not need outside developers
  • Will not move easily to another platform
  • If you are looking for an all-in-one ecommerce solution for your online store, and you are looking to grow and add products – and you have a little bit of technical know-how, then Shopify will be a great fit for you.
  • Plugins are great but they all contain the limitations of their creator. Typically, only a 85% solution

Shopify is a good choice for people that like to discover what their needs are and find a solution. Somewhat DIY. All solutions are plugins from their app store. Plugins are built by outside developers and supported by them. This poses a problem about support.

Proprietary UltraCart

  • History 21 years old Solid proven reliability
  • Scalability
  • Cloud based or Local install
  • Pricing Model
  • A level of technology sophistication needed for user
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of Setup
  • CMS Content Management systems
  • Template availability
  • Customer Service console
  • PCI Compliance – Onsite Security
  • If you are looking for something a little bit cheaper, and a little bit easier to setup

A complete solution for the areas it supports. It is very sophisticated in the services it provides. UltraCart has built and developed all of its components. They also support all of them. Great console for customer service.

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